Business security

In the field of business security, we offer the following detective services:

  1. examination of the commercial (financial) credibility of persons and companies (due diligence), which includes (depending on the nature of the detective order) environmental interview, analysis of registration documentation, preparation of photo documentation, property determination, observation and operational activities to an adequate extent;
  2. property determinations regarding companies or persons, performed by a detective or a team of detectives for evidentiary purposes (for the court and the bailiff) or negotiations (e.g. with the debtor);
  3. negotiation activities (debt collection) – our office undertakes them in special cases, after the detectives have made property arrangements – based on the principal’s power of attorney;
  4. verification of damage data reported to insurance companies; verification is carried out by a detective;
  5. company security audit, which includes:
    – analysis of the information protection status,
    – analysis of the physical protection status,
    – recommendations for improving the company’s security status;
  6. consultations and detective analyzes regarding securing the company against competition penetration (a team of specialists performs technical and personnel analysis, including anti-eavesdropping analysis);
  7. business intelligence – detective studies regarding companies and industries – presenting data enabling tracking of competitors (a team of specialist detectives performs personal and technical analysis, including anti-eavesdropping analysis);
  8. research called “mystery shopping” – it is designed to increase sales efficiency, allows you to control your own point/sales network, as well as employees, and analyze the activities of competitors;
  9. training in the field of business intelligence and information protection – conducted by an experienced detective.